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We professionally harvest and remove trees from all over the beautiful Appalachian mountains. When sustainably harvested, wood is the most ecological building resource compared to steel, plastic, and concrete.

Whether you are clearing a lot for a home site or have storm damaged and dying trees on your property, we will come and remove the trees safely. After our tree removal service, we can mill the trees to your exact specifications if you desire.

Our tree removal service cost varies based on several factors. Please contact us to start the quote process and to get a free estimate.


Can you cut down trees for milling?

While we are not arborists or professional tree sawyers, we can recommend professionals in the area that can cut down your trees. Once removed, we can mill them.

Will you remove fallen trees from our property?

Yes, we can remove wind-fallen trees or trees from constructions clearance if they can be used lumber or slabs etc.

How much do you pay property owners for their trees?

It really depends on the species and size of the tree. Sometimes we just provide tree removal service and other times we would pay a fee. The cost for tree removal can be high so we must factor in the cost to us compared to the value of the finished product.

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